A note to fiction: A bit of Martian courage

Since the article I wrote about in my previous post mentioned Weir Andy’s novel “The Martian”, I decided to make a quick note on it. I finished reading it two days ago and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I like the way the author managed to communicate the emotions of a person left from his crew on a deserted planet. However, I think that this is not the real reason the book got so popular; I think the secret of its success is that it has a happy end. After reading the articles on Mars, the recent findings that the planet probably had climate similar to ours (and therefore, they might have been life on it) I think we need some kind of hope that if things “get bad”, we can still make it. In my previous entry I said we have to take NASA’s findings as warnings, but I also think we also need a bit of Mark Watney’s courage and determination.


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